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Technology and commerce

Technology and commerce

Technology, its evolution and the absorption of this by the consumer has been one of the essential factors in the evolution of demand, and now we are at a key moment where many technological advances come together and are changing the way to buy and to sell. History is full of successes and failures in which companies have not been able to understand the impact of technology on the exchange practices between consumer and supplier.

This table will discuss the impact of ICT on commerce from two different perspectives. In the first instance it will be considered from the perspective of how the evolution of technology influences commerce. That is, the changes that commerce has to understand and assume in order to continue maintaining its competitiveness. Here we can talk about sub-themes such as “@ e-commerce”, Big data, Social Networks, technological and multichannel stores, the infinite assortment and the “crypto-coins” (“Blockchain” / “Bitcoin”).

And secondly, as technology changes the client’s behavior when it comes to shopping. Here we will have to address issues such as access to information, saving time, shopping experience, mobility and post-purchase satisfaction. In this part of the table we will describe the behaviors and expectations that the consumer has, making a forecast of the possibilities that the merchant has to deliver the desired experience for the consumer.

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