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Commercial models in the cities of the future

Commercial models in the cities of the future

The maturity of the BID model (BusinessImprovement Districts) and other business models has allowed the development of new types of BIDs. But what models are there beyond the BIDs? What can we learn from the BIDs?

Many experts argue that the future is to move towards the “Super Bids”, a progress of current bids and regional version will have a greater involvement in the strategic development and management of their areas through deeper collaboration with local entities within an integrated management structure of the city called City Team or Town Team.

A table to debate if the future business model has to have a greater role in the planning of the commercial areas and everything goes through a greater degree of collaboration between the entity that defends the commercial model and the different organisms and public entities in all the levels, local, regional and national, to achieve a global and integral approach to the management of urban and commercial spaces.

Is this viable in all city models? It will be a good time to discuss the evolution of the Anglo-Saxon model with one of the most reputable voices, the new French model of Cooperatives and the Barcelona model.

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Commercial models in the cities of the future
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