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Commerce, culture and tourism

Commerce, culture and tourism

Culture and tourism are sectors that affect the commerce of cities. The increase in tourism in many municipalities causes structural changes that affect and can destabilize many sectors, and commerce is not excluded.

Gentrification, the increase in the prices of products and services offered by commerce, the pressure and the agglomeration of visitors who suffer the most tourist and commercial areas, the changes in the transformation of the commercial landscape and the lack of strategic vision of the city, are some of the effects that the increase of tourism causes to the commerce of the cities.

In this table we will discuss how certain municipalities propose actions to generate opportunities between culture, tourism and commerce. In this context, the development of highly differentiated value proposals at the tourist and cultural level, which have the possibility of including commerce, is an idea that some cities consider necessary to develop.

The table “Commerce, culture and tourism” will become the space for debate among all those existing dynamics and / or measures implemented or proposed in the municipalities of linkage between these key sectors.

A complex topic that we will approach from the theoretical model to the practice. We will talk about Place Management or the model to manage city centers, the experience of Italian cities and the model, in evolution, of Barcelona.

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