Barcelona - 12th & 13th of november 2018
12th & 13th of november 2018
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Commerce and Tourism

22% of private companies in Europe work in commerce industry and employ about 30 million people, it means one of every seven jobs in Europe belongs to the commerce sector.

In view of these data we can affirm that commerce is a key sector in local economies and a fundamental urban social agent. For this reason, from Vitrinas de Europe we consider that we must promote a debate in which trade – and local commerce – is the central axis of the discussion.

Aware of the reality and the threats that commerce has to face, mainly globalization and digitalization, the ‘XIV Conference on Urban Trade and Tourism’ will confront different existing models to elucidate answers to the hottest issues. On the other hand, urban projects that stand out for the promotion of maintenance and the appearance of commerce, as well as favoring the “compact city” model that promotes, preserves and strengthens local commerce, will also be presented.

The urban commerce is one of the most important economic activities of the productive activity of Barcelona.
For this reason, we hold a European Conference on commerce and tourism that seeks the following objectives:
Professionalization of its commercial and economic net.
Empowerment of a commerce that needs to be more competitive and adaptable to the new competitive challenges of the future.
Look for for new formulas that optimize the management of public spaces and their impact on commerce.
Encourage and think about new public-private consensus formulas.
Generate a new framework of synergies and collaboration among the main economic, social and cultural sectors of the city.
All these objectives, must allow us to promote an innovative and attractive Congress that will be able to value what will be, with no doubt, the pillars of the dynamism of future proximity commerce.
round tables with European experts
Model of city and relationship with local commerce
Commerce, culture and tourism
Commercial models in the cities of the future
Impact of commerce in the urban landscape, what role can and should play?
Technology and commerce
The perfect shop
Josep Xurigué
Doctor in Political Science (UAB) and responsible for the Strategic Dynamization of Fundació Barcelona Comerç
Commerce, culture and tourism
Gabriel Jené
Entrepreneur, CEO of La Mallorquina and President of Barcelona Shopping City
Commerce, culture and tourism
Oriol Cesena
Director of FOCALIZZA and university professor
Commercial models in the cities of the future
Jaume Gomà
CEO and cofounder of Ulabox
Technology and commerce
Salva Vendrell
President of Fundación Barcelona Comerç (eixosbcn), Vice President of Retailcat and President of Associació de Comerciants de Sarrià
Commercial models in the cities of the future
Enric Jové
CEO of McCann WG Barcelona and CIO of McCann WG Espanya
Technology and commerce
John Griffiths
Co-founder and Managing Director of Rocket Science UK Ltd
Commercial models in the cities of the future
Christian Rodríguez
Speaker at several European universities and consultant
Technology and commerce
Jaume Portell
CEO and founder of Beabloo, expert in the information technology sector
Technology and commerce
Alexis Mavrommatis
Director of EADA, Retail Management Center
The perfect shop
Alessandro Tortelli
Professor of tourism disciplines at the Marco Polo Technical Institute of Tourism
Commerce, culture and tourism
Agustí Colom
Councilman for tourism, commerce and the marches and councils of the district of Les Corts (Barcelona)
Commerce, culture and tourism
Muntsa Vilalta
General Director of Commerce and director of the Consortium of Commerce, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia (CCAM)
The perfect shop
Isaac Albert
Deputy Delegate of Commerce of the Diputació de Barcelona
Impact of commerce in the urban landscape, what role can and should play?
Cathy Parker
Professor of retail and marketing enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University
Commerce, culture and tourism
Isabel Roig
Director General of BCD (Barcelona Design Center)
Impact of commerce in the urban landscape, what role can and should play?
José Antonio Donaire
Professor at the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Girona
Commerce, culture and tourism
Mikael Colville-Andersen
Adviser of cities and companies on urbanism
Impact of commerce in the urban landscape, what role can and should play?
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Monday 12th of november
Speaker: Ada Colau
Coffee Break
Moderator: Josep Xurigué | Speakers: José Antonio Donaire, Cathy Parker, Gabriel Jené and Alessandro Tortelli.
Lunch break
Moderador: Oriol Cesena | Ponents:
Salva Vendrell, Agustí ColomJohn Griffiths and Francis Palombi.
Moderator: Laura López | Speakers: Mikael Colville-Andersen, Isabel Roig and Isaac Albert
Vitrines members
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